Archaeological Park Cambodunum (APC)

Opening Times

March to November
Tuesday to Sunday
10 am – 5 pm

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Temple district with temple and sacrificial site in Cambodunum Archaeological ParkGallo-Roman Temple District, © APC

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Come along on a journey of discovery in the oldest city in Germany to be mentioned in a written document: Cambodunum! With its Temple District, Small Thermal Baths, and Forum with Basilica, the centre of this former Roman provincial capital is still recognisable today. The accompanying exhibition offers an exciting glimpse of daily life two thousand years ago.

  • Woman laughing looking out of service window of ticket office in Cambodunum Archaeological Park

    Visitor information

    Plan your visit to Archaeological Park Cambodunum!

  • Exhibition "For God's sake": Huge slatted mural shows reconstruction drawing of Cambodunum

    Exhibition area

    Discover the exhibition area: Gallo-Roman Temple District, Small Thermal Baths and Forum with Basilica!

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    Guided tours and interactive Cambodunum App

    Delve deeper into the site’s history by taking part in one of our tours! You can also experience the Roman site on your own by following the circular route and using the dedicated app.